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Snap + Tumble is a letterpress line of small stationery goods hand-printed by Tanya Roberts in Toronto, Canada.

This is a pop-up shop dedicated to special edition Snap + Tumble letterpress printed goods offered for a limited time.



[ISSUE #4]
I can’t ever remember a warmer summer in Toronto than it has been this year. Because of the hot July days with a record-breaking temperature of 37.9 C (feeling like 49 with the humidity), I headed straight for the family cottage. The sun was a little easier to be friends with when you’ve got a lake beside you to jump into.

This collection is inspired by the summer season and the golden sun. The pairing of this metallic ink with a black ink also reminds me that my most favorite season of all is just around the corner. SOLD OUT.

[ISSUE #3]
The Postal Kit is a collaboration between Jaime from Send More Mail and myself. We love snail mail. We love handmade. We love pretty things that come in the mail. We think there should be more of it. This kit includes letterpress stationery and mint vintage Canadian stamps that are ready to be assembled. In addition to these goods, is a wooden pencil, envelope seals and a handy draw-string lettepress printed 'mail bag'. These are a limited edition of 12. SOLD OUT.

[ISSUE #2]
One of my favorite antique blocks to print with is the Starburst. It’s made of zinc and mounted by nails onto a nice solid block of hardwood measuring 2 inches. Seeing it inked on the press and it’s full-bodied impression on cardstock never fails to give me a shot of happy.

What does the Starburst mean to me? It’s emanating rays say it’s time to celebrate, be it something special or ordinary. The shape of the Starburst reminds me of a flash of light, a stroke of genius, a new idea, and a time to be great. SOLD OUT.

*as of March 14, 50% of the Starburst correspondence sales will go towards the Canadian Red Cross in support of relief efforts in Japan.


[ISSUE #1]
Letterpress Loot Bags filled with, you guessed it, different types of letterpress paper goods. Only 16 bags have been made and include a mix of seasonal cards, postcards, flat cards, note cards, coasters, handmade envelopes, bookmarks and gift tags. Loot bags are $16 each and all are of the same approximate value. SOLD OUT.